The Countdown Begins …

I’m off to Alaska on summer vacation with the family and upon my arrival back home, the JunkMan Uncaged blog/podcast will commence daily operations.  We’re absolutely stoked about it!

Monday, July 21st, 2014 is the official launch.  We hope you’ll join us to celebrate our “grand opening”!

Houston, all systems are go and we have green lights across the board.

Commence countdown …

Moon Launch

JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode -1


Time to get the audio podcast up and running – can hardly wait to hear what you think.

Give it a listen, then email me at

You can also Tweet to me: @JunkManUncaged

And of course, you can comment right here – doesn’t matter which way to me – just give us a comment!

Thanks for your support as we roll this beast out into the world 🙂