JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode #0


Here’s JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode #0, a little lengthier installment with actual, real content!  It’s a day late (6/25/14 podcast on 6/26/14 – sorry!)

I would deeply appreciate if you’d give it a listen and comment on it.  It’s a work in progress, in need of further polish, but we’re now moving in the right direction, and nearly ready to roll out the first formal and official episode in the next day or two.

Please do comment right here at JunkManUncaged.com, and also email me at JunkManUncaged@gmail.com.  I’m seeking ideas … I want to know what you think and what kind of content you’d like to hear and any other ideas you may have, so your comments are valuable to me – good, bad, and ugly.

Thanks for your patience as the blog podcast ramp up to full speed.  My goal is for you to make JunkManUncaged.com a daily must-visit.  Stick with me as the improvements and enhancements come along – I’m confident that you’ll not only get important news each day, but also a fresh perspective that reflects the idea that we will do best by reducing impingements upon our natural freedoms as much as possible.

Thanks for listening – I look forward to hearing from you