About The JunkMan

Basic Facts: John “The JunkMan” McJunkin is a follower of Christ, father, husband, Wyomingite by birth, Arizonan by the Grace of God, an aviation enthusiast, music fanatic, and connoisseur of food, ales, and ciders.

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Lifeline: Born in the 60s, kid in the 70s, teen in the 80s, working since the 90s, homeowner since early 90s, husband since late 90s, father since early 2000s.

Politics: Minarchist libertarian

  • Individuals should be as unconstrained as possible and should not harm other individuals
  • Government should be as constrained as possible and should not harm nor benefit individuals
  • Natural rights (including property rights) are immutable and intrinsically worthy of defense by force
  • The force reserved for defending rights is limited to means and methods to which individuals democratically consent
  • Neither major party in US politics adhere to these fundamentals
    • Republicans embrace secular government power as a means to deprive individuals of liberties for non-secular rationale
    • Democrats embrace government power as a means to deprive individuals of property and expand the omnipotence of elites

Economics: Austrian School


  • Broadcast Production/Television Focus – University of Wyoming
  • 1988 Honors Graduate – Columbia School of Broadcasting
  • 1993 Honors Graduate – Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
  • 1997 BSBA – University of Phoenix (100% brick-and-mortar)

Work Experience:

  • Television: UWTV
  • Recording: Emerald Sound Studio – Nashville, Wild Whirled Recording – Phoenix, Shabby Road Studio – Phoenix
  • Live Sound: Freelance – Laramie WY, City of Phoenix, Stetson’s – Scottsdale AZ
  • Audio Education: Director of Admissions – Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
  • Pro Audio Journalism: Mix, Remix, Electronic Musician, Sound & Video Contractor, Pro Audio Review, Audio Media, Church Production
  • Politics: Communications advisor and social media director to numerous candidates for public office

Entrepreneurial: Founder & Principal, Avalon Podcasting, LLC – only remaining podcast production firm among the first such organizations in the world

Podcast Production Lecturer: 2007 & 2008 New Media Expos (now part of BlogWorld), 2009 Worship Facilities Expo

Member: American Mensa, Audio Engineering Society, National Rifle Association, Pi Kappa Alpha Men’s Fraternity

Interesting Factoids: Sang in a “gang vocal” on Alabama’s 1994 single “The Cheap Seats”, was once inexplicably serenaded by Berlin’s Terri Nunn, singing “Take My Breath Away”