JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode #002



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3 thoughts on “JunkMan Uncaged Podcast Episode #002

  1. Great job, John… especially the ending couple minutes. You nailed it, my brother.

    Many blessings in your endeavors… still miss you in the morning, though.

    The email can change… associating with KFYI is behind you, now. Some good folks there, but you’re above the arrogance of commercial radio.


  2. Nice introduction. I’m not sure about the e-mail thing. On one hand, it’s an unpaid endorcement in a way and on the otherhand it does identify you/your voice where you were a talk show host/producer. If it were my call, for myself, I’d change it to something else that would be more you than radio call letters of a radio station.
    Topic: things that contribute to where we are in life. Animals/pets. The slippery slopes of life. Who’s in charge (girls need to set the standards of who they date rather than think a boy’s butt somehow means he’s a genius)? Girls need to regain that respect they once had and require it of their teenage counter parts (my opinion). Where’s God in a world of chaos? Guidelines one should use when picking political leaders without being political. Things like that. lol


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