2014 Candidate Endorsements/Recommendations

AKA “Better Late Than Never”

Every election season, I’m approached by a lot of people with some version of the question, “who should I vote for?”

This year is no exception, and I have been promising to publish my list of endorsements and recommendations, but I’ve been swarmed under with a huge amount of work and other commitments.

So it’s slow in coming, but here it is.  I separate endorsements from recommendations insofar as the notion of distinguishing candidates that I heartily cheer from those that are simply the best choice for their office or the least undesirable (and it may even be the case that all the candidates for a particular office are so undesirable that I tacitly avoid recommending any of them by not making a recommendation).  The other, more common reason I refrain from endorsing or recommending for a particular office is that I simply do not feel qualified to do so, lacking the necessary information to make the judgment.



Governor: Doug Ducey (I’ve known Mr. Ducey for a while, and I’ve always thought he’d make a great AZ governor)

Attorney General: Mark Brnovich (Tom Horne no longer impresses me in the least, and Brnovich is endorsed by the Federalist Society, who seek to end Arizona’s current adherence to the Missouri Plan for judicial selection, which gives the left-leaning Arizona State Bar far too much influence in the process)

Corporation Commission: Vernon Parker and Lucy Mason (of all the candidates running for any office, I know Vernon Parker best – I know his heart, and I know he’ll serve competently and with respect to individuals’ rights.  I know less about his “running mate” Lucy Mason, but I know that he would not choose to run in tandem with her unless she fits the same conservative mold he does)

House of Representatives – CD 1: Adam Kwasman (a fresh new face of reliable conservatism for AZ)

House of Representatives – CD 2: Martha McSally (Ron Barber’s prospects are weak – he was very lucky to have been elected in 2012 – the RNC will play in this district as well, and McSally is the one GOP candidate who’s ready for prime time – and besides, how cool would it be to have TWO female fighter pilots representing AZ in Congress?)

House of Representatives – CD 3: Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (ANYBODY but Marxist, anti-American Raul Grijalva)

House of Representatives – CD 4: Paul Gosar (rock-ribbed conservative, good family man, my cousin by marriage)

House of Representatives – CD 5: Matt Salmon (being re-elected to Congress after a hiatus is not easy – it speaks to Salmon’s value to Arizona – very good man)

House of Representatives – CD 6: David Schweikert (file under “duh” – Schweikert is a good guy and a great congressman – will go on to bigger, better things, mark my words)

House of Representatives – CD 8: Trent Franks (rock-solid, reliable, unbeatable)

I’m only endorsing one candidate at the local level (which speaks to the conviction of my endorsement): Chandler City Council hopeful Chelle Daly … she brings the fresh, untainted mindset of a citizen legislator, something that our little town could use.  My wife and I have known Chelle and her husband for quite some time, with kids in school together and other interactions.  Chelle is whip-smart and would serve our town well.



Secretary of State: Michelle Reagan (would like to see her tack to the right as she serves in higher office, however)

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Diane Douglas (I have known John Huppenthal for a long time, and he has always impressed me … until recently.  It appears to me that he has begun to buy into the liberal notion that spending more money is the proper solution to all problems, but my biggest complaint is his inexplicable decision to refer to Common Core opponents as “barbarians”)

House of Representatives – CD 7: Jarrett Maupin (with the occasional exception, Maupin is a reasonable, decent man (and truly a man of God) … would not be my very first choice among all candidates for Congress, but in his district, he is a vastly better choice than Mary Rose Wilcox.  I’m afraid she will win the nomination, and hence the seat in Congress, but I predict she will lose that seat over corruption … the Republicans in DC won’t bungle her ouster like they have here in AZ)

House of Representatives – CD 9: Wendy Rogers (I really like Kyrsten Sinema personally, and get along with her very well … but I would REALLY love to see her lose her seat in Congress.  I don’t see either Wendy Rogers or Andrew Walter as high-octane candidates who could defeat Sinema with only their own resources.  My friend Raffi Williams of the RNC assures me that the RNC will be pouring a lot of resources into this race in the general election, and I believe that the political contours of the district, despite the personalized-for-Sinema gerrymandering by the “independent” redistricting commission, are such that Rogers or Walter have a shot.  I also believe that the same voters who carried a strong woman to victory in CD 9 in 2012 would be disposed to do so again – Wendy Rogers gets my nod)


Get Out and VOTE!

Be sure to get out and vote … the left is rocking back and forth, eyes closed, knees drawn up to their chins, chanting “please let ‘independents’ hurt the GOP in the primary”  Maybe someday the AZ GOP will grow a spine and end the suicidal practice of open primaries, but until they do, the electorate (which is vastly more conservative than the state party and many of its candidates) must bear the burden, pick up the slack, and get to the polls in big numbers to overcome the self-inflicted damage done by Democrats playing in the GOP voting.