We’re Getting Close!

You may have noticed that I’m now getting down to the final details of the actual blog/website (click and check out the snazzy new tabs across the top – everything you ever wanted to know about me and the legal policies of this website!)

Within the next day or two at most, I’ll have another podcast episode … probably the final “test” episode to confirm that feeds are working correctly, etc. etc.

I appreciate your patience as this thing (slowly) comes together.  I have taken care to make sure that all the details are bolted down in advance, so once the content starts flowing, I won’t have (as many) technical or logistical issues to deal with.  I want to be able to focus 100% of my efforts on the content – the whole reason why people read or tune in.  I will work hard to make sure you will be informed and incited by the content.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The padlock and chain have been removed, and the cage door is ever so slightly open.

Before you know it – I will emerge completely uncaged.

Here we go . . .

2 thoughts on “We’re Getting Close!

  1. John, I’m very impressed and excited for you. I’ve read all of the terms of use, disclaimer, privacy policy, and comment policy. However, I must disagree with one section in your terms of use policy.

    12. Petty, Irrational Demand. No blue M&Ms.

    Really – no Blue M&M’s, even with White and Red? Come on man, live a little, go outside the box, un-cage the blue M&M, don’t discriminate…

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